Castles on the Rhine river in Germany

Video - Rhine Castles

This episode from the 1990s TLC series titled Great Castles of Europe spotlights some of the famous castles along the Rhine, and recounts the greatest legends associated with the river.

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Castles on the Rhine river

Here you can see the most important medieval fortresses, castles and palaces on the Rhine river between Rüdesheim / Bingen and Koblenz. The German Castle Association, located in the Marksburg in Braubach on Rhine, is responsible for the preservation of these monuments.

For the following castles at the river Rhein you can buy a Castle Ticket = 1 ticket to visit all of the following castles / you save about 40%: Fortress Ehrenbreitstein, Castle Lahneck, Palace Stolzenfels, Castle Marksburg, Former Prince Elector's Castle in Boppard, Fortress Rheinfels, Toll Station Pfalzgrafenstein, Castle Sooneck, Castle Rheinstein and Castle Brömserburg

For further information about these fortresses, castles and palaces on the Rhine river, please select on the indicated castle-shaped symbol. There you will get information about visitor facilities, opening times and gastronomy.

to Fortress Ehrenbreitstein to Elector's Palace to Prince Elector's Castle to Castle Lahneck to Castle Martinsburg to Palace Stolzenfels to Castle Marksburg to Königsstuhl to former Elector's Castle in Boppard to Castle Sterrenberg to Castle Liebenstein to Castle Maus to Fortress Rheinfels to Castle Katz to Castle Schönburg to Castle Gutenfels to Toll Station Pfalzgrafenstein to Castle Stahleck to Castle ruins Fürstenberg to Castle ruins Nollig to Castle Heimburg to Castle Sooneck to Castle Reichenstein to Castle Rheinstein to Castle ruins Ehrenfels to Toll Tower Mäuseturm to Castle Klopp to Castle Brömserburg
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