Rhine cycle track

Cycling trip along the romantic castles and mansions in the Loreley Valley

Signposts - Rhine cycle track

Rhine cycle track
Signposts - Rhine cycle track

The signposts are close together and the track runs mostly close to the Rhine, so you cannot possibly get lost. On the left Rhine Cycle Track the distance from Bingen to Koblenz is 64 km. On this direct section of the cycling trip, close to the Rhine, you climb 13 m and you descend 31 m, so this cycling trip suits also untrained bikers. Those who want to make greater efforts can climb to any castle along the track and of course also to the plateru on the Loreley.

Short description of the Rhine Cycle Track.

The cycling trip along the romantic castles and mansions on the Rhine Cycle Track in the World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley passes by originally preserved, unchanged medieval castles such as the Marksburg and the Pfalzgrafenstein in the middle of the Rhine, and also the ruins Fürstenberg, Ehrenfels and Rheinfels. On this trip you also see meticulously restored catles such as Sterrenberg, Stahleck and the Schönburg. But the highlight of your cycling trip is the world-famous, legendary Loreley rock. Here the Rhine is only 113 m wide. A gradually ascending cycle track on an old narrow gauge railway leads to the Loreley. Besides all that you can enjoy Rhine wine from well-known vineyards such as the Bopparder Hamm.

Itinerary of the Rhine Cycle Track

The itinerary of the cycling trip along the romantic castles and mansions has been developed in such a way that you follow only sections that are away from the roads or that have their own cycle track. In the towns and villages the track follows partly very lively promenades along the Rhine. Many sections of the track are close to the Rhine or run through small parks.


Car and foot ferry Rüdesheim Car and foot ferry Lorch Car and foot ferry Kaub Car and foot ferry Loreley Car and foot ferry Boppard Car and pedestrian ferry Lahnstein

1 Rüdesheim
world-famous tourist attraction and home of equally famouse vineyards.
The starting point of our cycling trip along the romantic castles and
mansions in the World Heritage
Upper Middle Rhine Valley,
always downstream.

Ticket for the castles !!!
For those who want to visit many castles during their cycling trip. Ask for tickets in the first castle you encounter.

2 Bingen
You take the ferry to go to the start of our cycling trip: Bingen with Castle Klopp.

3 Bingerbrück
Then you pass through Bingerbrück with its legendary Mäuseturm.

The proud ruin of the tollcastle Ehrenfels thrones above the fields with Riesling vines.

4 Trechtingshausen
Through Trechtingshausen with the two beautiful castles Rheinstein and Reichenstein you arrive at Niederheimbach where Castle Sooneck on a high rock guards the village and is waiting to welcome visitors.

6 Kaub
Arrived in Kaub you visit the majestic Pfalzgrafenstein in the middle of the Rhine. Together with the closeby Castle Gutenfels, this castle once formed a military unit. !!! Here you must absolutely break yout trip.

9 St.Goarshausen
Situated at the feet of the world-famous Loreley rock. !!! Use the cycle track or the footpath to the top of the Loreley. Particularly idyllic: the old city with the two historic towers, the restored old city hall and the rests of the old city wall. Not far from this small city the two castles Katz and Maus proudly look down on the Rhine. You take the ferry to the opposite bank of the Rhine and you continue your trip to Boppard.

5 Bacharach
Our cycling trip continues through Niederheimbach with the Heimburg and the ruin Fürstenberg with view of the ruin Nollig on the right riverbank towards Bacharach. This city is well-known for the Castle Stahleck and the picturesque ruins of the Wernerkapelle. You take the ferry to the opposite riverbank.

7 Oberwesel
Back on the left riverbank our cycling trip continues towards Oberwesel. Particularly of interest are the Schönburg, the Liebfrauenkirche and the parish church St. Martin.

8 St. Goar
Then you arrive in St. Goar, where the largest castle tuin at the Rhine - fortress Rheinfels - is waiting for your visit. !!! Break your trip to visit the castle. !!! Delightful castle for children. Do not forget to take along a torch. In St. Goar you take the Loreley ferry to St. Goarshausen on the opposite riverbank.

10 Boppard
Boppard is a Roman city with a magnificent Rhine promenade and a castle of the electors from treves. You take the ferry once more to follow the Rhine somewhat further until Kamp-Bornhofen.

11 Kamp-Bornhofen
Here you must absolutely visit the sanctuary of the Holy Mary, since the 13th century the destination of a unique procession with boats. The adjacent monastery church houses splendid art treasures. The village is also known for its castles, the hostile brothers: Liebenstein and Sterrenberg. Then your cycling trip brings you back to Boppard and you follow the left Rhine bank towards Rhens.

12 Rhens
The city of Rhens houses a particular monument of German history: the Königsstuhl (Royal Chair). From here you continue towards Koblenz-Stolzenfels.

13 Koblenz-Stolzenfels
Here you see one of the most beautiful mansions of Germany. Its ochre walls light up against the green of the forest. Already from a great distance you have a magnificent view of this part of the cycling trip.
Then you take the ferry to the other riverbank and you follow the Rhine downstream to Braubach.

14 Braubach
Narrow alleys and romantic timbered houses accentuate the medieval character of Braubach. Above the city you see the silhouette of the Marksburg. This castle has never been destroyed and it is one of the most beautiful fortifications of Europe. !!! You can drive to the Marksburg or take the footpath. Then the cycling trip continues to the Martinsburg in Oberlahnstein and further to Lahnstein.

15 Lahnstein
Here the Castle Lahneck guards the spot where the rivers Lahn and Rhine flow together.

16 Koblenz - End of the cycling trip
The last stage of your cycling trip brings you to Koblenz, the final destination of the cycling trip along the romantic castles and mansions. There you see the Deutsches Eck with the mighty fortress Ehrenbreitstein on the opposite riverbank.

This metropolis, the governmental en economical centre of the Middle Rhine, looks back upon a history of more than 2000 years. Here you find a lot of testimonials of a great past. You can not only visit the fortress Ehrenbreitstein (on the right riverbank), but also the mansion of the electors from Treves and the Old Castle (on the left riverbank).

Source: drawings received with thanks from the Mittelrheinforum.
Translator: Thanks to Freddy Storm - a speedy flem



Source: Foto Loreleyfelsen Felix König
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