Castello di Stahleck

Opening hours

only the courtyard
the castle houses a
youth hostel
Phone: (06743) 1266

Stahleck Castle, which was first mentioned in 1135, was primarily owned by the diocese of Köln. In 1190 the castle was acquired by emperor Barbarossa, who gave it to his brother Konrad. In 1214 it was acquired by the mighty Bavarian dynasty as one of two important bases of the Wittelsbach rulers.

In 1689 the castle was blown up by the French.

In two construction phases (1925-27 as well as 1965-67) it was rebuilt to its current impressive size.

Today the former castle of the Hohenstaufen dynasty is one of the most popular youth hostels in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Source: Foto Loreleyfelsen Felix König
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