Kanutour Rhein

Canoe trip along the romantic castles and mansions
in the World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley,
from Rüdesheim to Koblenz.

Places of interest during the canoe trip

Rhine-km 525,4

Starting point of our canoe trip in the World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley: the camping on the right riverbank in Rüdesheim - Rhine-km 525,4. Rüdesheim is the gate to the Middle Rhine Valley. Here the river has still much room to widen. The starting point of the canoe trip is world-famous for its original wine bars and cellars and of course also for the Drosselgasse and the Brömserburg. That's why we selected this city as starting point of our canoe trip.

From Rüdesheim you can take the ferry to Bingen and visit the city and the Heimatmuseum (country museum).

Zródlo: drawings received with thanks from the Mittelrheinforum.

Translator: Thanks to Freddy Storm - a speedy flem

Campings along the canoe trip

Rhine-r km 525,4: Start of the canoe trip: Camping Rüdesheim
Rhine-l km 534,3: Camping Trechtingshausen
Rhine-l km 542,6: Camping Bacharach
Rhine-l km 554,7: Camping Loreleyblick
Rhine-r km 557,2: Camping St.Goarshausen
Rhine-l km 576,0: Camping Boppard / far away form the city centre
Rhine-r km 580,6: Camping Braubach ideal for paddlers
Rhine-l km 580,8: Camping Rhens/Brey
Rhine-l km 592,3: End of the canoe trip Camping Koblenz

!!! To know the dangerous spots on this canoe trip,
please consult the Deutsches Flusswanderbuch of the
Canoeing Federation.
Ticket for the castles !!!
For those who want to visit
many castles during their
canoe trip.
Rhine-km 529,4
Rhine-left bank Bingerbrück, a little past this village the Nahe runs into the Rhine.
Rhine-km 530,2
The Mäuseturm on a small island and on the right bank the ruin Ehrenfels.
Rhine-km 532,2
Rhine-right bank Assmannshausen.
Rhine-km 533,1
Rhine-left bank Castle Rheinstein.
Rhine-km 534,3
Rhine-left bank Mouth of the brook "Morgenbachs" in
Trechtingshausen with Castle Reichenstein.
Rhine-km 537,3
Rhine-left bank Castle Sooneck.
Rhine-km 539,3
Rhine-left bank Niederheimbach with the Heimburg
and the ferry to Lorch.
Rhine-km 540,3
Rhine-right bank Lorch
with the ruin Nollig.
Rhine-left bank Rhinediebach with the
ruin Fürstenberg.
Rhine-km 543
Rhine-left bank Bacharach with Castle Stahleck.
Rhine-km 546,1
The tollstation Pfalzgrafenstein on a small island.
!!! Here you must absolutely break your trip.
Rhine-km 546,2
Rhine-right bank Kaub with
Castle Gutenfels and ferry.
Rhine-km 550
Rhine-left bank Oberwesel with the Schönburg.
Rhine-km 554
Highlight of the canoe trip: the Loreley (Lorelei),
narrowest (only 130m!) and deepest section of the
Middle Rhine. Pay attention to the signs before navigating
around the Loreley ! Traffic from behind !
Keep close to the right bank !
Mooring underneath the Loreley in the harbour
of St. Goarshausen with Castle Katz.
!!! Here you must absolutely break your trip.
Rhine-km 556
Rhine-left bank St. Goar with Castle Rheinfels
and the Loreley ferry.
!!! Canoers with children must absolutely
break their trip and visit the castle.
Rhine-km 558,8
Rhine-right bank St. Goarshausen-Wellmich with Castle Maus.
Rhine-left bank Port of refuge St. Goar
Rhine-km 563,2 Rhine-right bank Kestert.
Rhine-km 566 Rhine-left bank Bad Salzig.
Rhine-km 566,3
Rhine-right bank The hostile brothers: first Castle Liebenstein,
then Castle Sterrenberg.
Rhine-km 568,4 Rhine-right bank
Rhine-km 570,5
Rhine-left bank Boppard
with car ferry.
Rhine-km 575,2 Rhine-right bank
Rhine-km 580
Rhine-right bank Braubach
with the Marksburg.
!!! Here you must absolutely
break your trip.
Rhine-km 582,3
Rhine-left bank Rhens with the
Königsstuhl (Royal Chair).
Rhine-km 584,5
Rhine-right bank Lahnstein-Oberlahnstein with the
Martinsburg and Castle Lahneck.
Here you can take the ferry to the Palace Stolzenfels.
Rhine-km 585,3
Rhine-left bank
Palace Stolzenfels.
Rhine-km 585,7 Rhine-right bank
Estuary of the river Lahn.
Rhine-km 586
Rhine-right bank
Rhine-km 589-593
Koblenz with the
Prince Elector's Castle and the
Elector's Palace.
Rhine-km 591,5
Rhine-right bank Fortress Ehrenbreitstein.
Rhine-km 592,3
Rhine-left bank Estuary of the river Moselle,
end of the canoe trip.



Source: Foto Loreleyfelsen Felix König
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