Paddle steamer GOETHE
Source: KD

Paddle steamer GOETHE

In the wake of
the UNESCO World Heritage

Nostalgic trip
with the GOETHE.

The highlight
in the romantic UNESCO World Heritage
Upper Middle Rhine Valley !

The KD Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt AG revives the good old days of the steamers. The legendary paddle steamer DS GOETHE is very much beloved. It sails every day from April 28 to October 5 on the section between Koblenz and Rüdesheim of the UNESCO World Heritage. A genuine 'classic' on the picturesque Middle Rhine.

The GOETHE is the very last and only paddle steamer on the Rhine. It is also the largest steamer with side paddles in the world. This floating cultural monument of KD will be already „95“ years old this year. The unique experience of a boat trip with the nostalgic paddle steamer is completed by the extensive services on board. Apart from the restaurant there is also a self service bistro and in the bars you have a wide choice of prepared food and drinks. By bthe way: the special GOETHE wine is available on all ships of the KD fleet. The GOETHE leaves Koblenz every day at 9.00 o'clock. It returns from Rüdesheim at 16.15 h.

Guests who wish to enjoy this unique environment for their feasts, jubilees or other events can hire salons on the GOETHE. Apart from the four big salons (offering stylish seats for 80 up to 150 persons), there are also small clubrooms.

Source: KD
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Paddle steamer Goethe

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