Pulsbachklamm (Pulsbach gorge)

Pulsbachklamm (Pulsbach gorge)
Source: Elke Greiff-Gossen

The Pulsbachklamm is a small but very beautiful and idyllic entrance of the Rheinsteig trail between St. Goarshausen and Kestert. Here the Pulsbach (a brook) runs into the Rhine just after the Ehrenthaler Werth at Rhine-km 561.
This gorge with moss and many sorts of ferns (e.g. deer tongue) leads to the Rheinsteig trail or further to Prath along narrow paths and climbs. On the Rheinsteig trail you can go downriver to Kestert or upriver to St.Goarshausen-Wellmich with Castle Maus, housing an Eagles and Falcons Park. On the way to Castle Maus you can have a rest at the hide Augustusstollen that also has a small grill site. For the walk through the Pulsbachklamm you need hiking boots.

Pulsbachklamm (Pulsbach gorge)
Source: Elke Greiff-Gossen

The way to the Pulsbachklamm

By Bus and by car

There is a large parking for cars and busses to the left of the road B 42 to Koblenz on the right Rhine bank.

Train - Station Kestert

You get to the entrance of the Pulsbachklamm by following the Rhine bank towards St. Goarshausen.

Translator: Thanks to Freddy Storm - a speedy Flem

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