Eagles and Falcons Park in the Castle Maus

The Castle Maus houses an Eagles and Falcons Park. Here you learn everything about these birds of prey. A special attraction: the flight demonstration above the splendid Lorelei valley (about 1 hour). Worth seeing !

Eagle owl Red kite Sea-eagle Hunting falcon Golden eagle Photos: with thanks to Mr Voell.
the eagle owl
the red kite
the sea-eagle
the hunting falcon
the golden eagle


Castle Maus

Castle Maus

Castle inn

Castle Maus houses also a castle inn where you can enjoy cold drinks and coffee or tea. The climb along the romantic footpath to Castle Maus takes about 20 minutes.

There is a parking at the foot of the castle, so it can also be reached by car or bus.

Photo: Wikipedia

Here you find information (only in German) on the castle, bird raising, prices of the flight demonstration and a route description.

Translator: Thanks to Freddy Storm - a speedy Flem



Source: Foto Loreleyfelsen Felix König
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