Mentions légales

(1) Limitation of liability

Content of this Website

The Contents of this Website are provided on our best accurateness. The provider reserves the right not to be responsible for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the provided contents. The use of the available contents occurs on the users own risk. Namely marked articles reflect the belief of the respective author and not always the belief of the provider.

Availability of this Website

The provider will go to great lengths to offer the service on call as uninterruptible as possible. Also with best accurateness down times can't be eliminated. The provider reserves his right to change his offers or to suspend it at any time.

External Links

This Website includes connections to third Websites ("external links"). Those Websites subject to the liability of the respective operator. At the first-time connection the provider has checked if external contents are lawfully. At that time no infringement was obvious. The provider has no stake in the update and future design and in the contents of the linked sites. Placing external links doesn't mean the provider adopts contents behind the link as his own. A permanent check of external links isn't reasonable for the provider if there are no concrete indication of infringement. If we get information about infringment, external links will be canceled at once.


The respective authour is responsible for the content of the advertisement also for the content of the advertised website. The exposition of the advertisement doesn't demonstrate an acceptance by the provider.

No contractual relationship

By use of the providers website no contractual relationship between user and provider is realized. In this respect no contractual titles or quasi contractual titles at all result against the provider. In case that the use of the website however leads to a contractual relationship, the following exclusion of liability apply: The provider is liable for intent and gross negligence as well as in neglect of a basic contractual obligation (cardinal obligation). The provider is liable under restriction for substitution of the foreseeable and contract coherent damage at conclusion of contract, for such damages which are based on a light negligent infringment of cardinal obligation by himself or by one of his legal agents or by an assistent. The provider isn't liable in light negligent infringement of second obligation which are no cardinal obligation. The liability for damage which come under the protection area of a providers guarantee or agreement as well as the liability for titles by the Product Liability Act and damages by breach of life, of body or health will remain unaffected therefrom.

(2) Copyright

The contents, translations and creations which are publicised on this website are copyrighted. Every usage which isn't allowed by the German Copyright demands the written acceptance of the respective author or originator. This regulation does apply to copying, editing, translation, saving, handling and reporting respectively of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. Contents and articles of third persons are labeled. The illegal copying and transfering of contents and complete sites isn't allowed and actionable. Only copies and downloads for the personal, private and uncommercial use is allowed.

Links to the providers website are welcome at any time and need no allowance by the provider of the website. The demonstration of this website in external frames is only allowed with acceptance

(3) Data protection

By the attendance at the website of the provider information about access (to date, time, viewed page) can be stored on the server. These data don't belong to the individual-ralated data but they are made anonymous. They become evaluated exclusive for the statistic purposes. A transmission to third persons for commercial or uncommercial purposes doesn't take place.

Furthermore data can be stored on the computer of the user of the website. These data is called "Cookie", it is served to simplify the users behavior of access. The user has the possibility to deactivate this function of the respective webbrowser. In that case restrictions in usability of our website are possible.

The provider refers explicit to security issues at data transfer in the internet (for instance at communication per e-Mail), it cannot be consistenly protected against the access of third persons.

The use of contact data of the identification of the provider - in particular phone-/faxnumber and e-Mailaddress - for commercial advertising is explicit undesired unless the provider has given his written acceptance or there exists already a commercial contact. The provider and all on this website named persons contradict every commercial use and transfer of your data.

(4) Applicable Law

The law of Federal Republic of Germany is exclusive essential.

(5) Specific terms of use

If there are specific terms of particular use of this website which are different to point (1) till (4) it will be indicated explicit at accordant place. In that case the specific terms of use in the particular case apply.

German Source: Disclaimer of - Portal for Law with advocate-search.



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